Sacpipe Connection System – A better option than pipe replacement!

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From obligations to possibileties. Let us tell you how.

Historically, extensive renovation was needed to expose existing bathroom pipes and kitchen strains. We would like to point out that this is in the past. Still, pipe relining is a skilled craft, that today can be performed without
any major chiselling, tampering and damage done to existing bathrooms and kitchens. In short, today’s technology have solved the problems and created new and better solutions to deliver good end results to the customer

The most important question should be asked first.
Is there a method that today can handle market demands, in density, wear and tear, and guaranty – without performing traditional pipe relining? The answer is without any doubt YES.
Provided that your contractor is an authorized technician, that will use material that is identifiable, tested and with a traceable origin.

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